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healthy eating
News from the Bakery

ANNOUNCING THE FIRST IN A SERIES OF SUPER MUFFINS Containing 35mg of DHA, 14g of Protein, 10g of Fiber, whole grains, and minerals in delicious flavors like maple walnut, coconut, cinnamon raisin and carrot cake. Our goal has always been to make your food healthier. Now we can truly say we have done it. One large 6.5 oz muffin makes a delicious healthy breakfast or midday snack. Look for them at your favorite health food store. If you don’t see them ask the manager if they can get them. Or call the bakery at 315-483-4159 and order them directly. Each muffin contains: organic spelt flour, organic flax meal, organic mesquite powder, organic whole oats, organic xylitol, non-GMO canola oil, organic soy milk, organic spices and flavors, non-aluminum baking powder and soda, sea salt, citric acid, organic rosemary oil, and plant-derived DHA.

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healthy eating

EverYoung Natural Foods (EYNF) is in the process of improving on its current formulation of Diet Enhance, a blend of marine botanicals that is unsurpassed in its contribution to the nutritional health of the nation.

An In Vitro evaluation of a range of cancer forms at the University of Rochester Medical Center has shown that at least one of the several algae specie of DietEnhance suppress cancer cell growth. In particular, the specie of Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA), a blue-green algae, was most effective in suppressing a highly virulent form of Leukemia. the study has been published in the Journal, "Leukemia Research and Treatment, Volume 2011, Article ID 373519, 7 pages". The paper entitled, "Cytotoxicity of Algae Extracts on Normal and Malignant Cells" can be downloaded for more details.

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