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About Diet Enhance

We believe that a diet of whole, live foods is always the best choice. Unfortunately, busy lives often make good dietary choices impossible. Diet Enhance is designed to supplement the average healthy diet by improving the overall nutrition of the foods you're already eating. We are NOT suggesting that Diet Enhance can make bad dietary choices good ones! Unhealthy foods - high fat, high sugar, and most nutrient-deficient processed foods - are ALWAYS a bad choice. We also aren't suggesting Diet Enhance as an alternative to dietary or medical instructions given by your doctor. Diet Enhance is a super food supplement with low calories that can help ensure that you're getting nutrition that supports good health.

Diet Enhance - A Summary:

Diet Enhance is a unique blend of pure, organic algae. It contains no artificially synthesized phytochemicals whatsoever. Spirulina, which is just one of the three algae in Diet Enhance, is considered singly to be one of the most nutritious foods known. It contains components called mucopolysaccharides, that lower the fats in blood. These healthy compounds prevent lipoproteins - including cholesterol - from attaching to artery walls. Diet Enhance also contains Astaxanthin and Beta Carotene, a vitamin A precursor. The availability of immune-boosting antioxidants from these important components are key to its status as a super-food.

Benefit for Dieters

Diet Enhance could be an excellent addition to a low-calorie diet program because of its satiating properties. By satisfying hunger with good nutrition rather than quantity, a dieter can reduce unnecessary calories without compromising needed nutrition. In addition, Diet Enhance can increase energy and endurance.

A daily serving (1.5 tsp) of Diet Enhance provides three times the protein of beef per unit-weight, more phytonutrients than 4-5 servings of fruits or vegetables, and provides more anti-oxidant power than both vitamins A and E per unit-weight.

Benefit for Nutritional Deficiencies

Diet Enhance could make a big difference to those suffering from malnutrition from prolonged illness, a weakened immune system, poor appetite generally, and for the elderly. It provides nutrition that so often is lacking in those suffering from depression and painful conditions because of poor appetite.

Recommended Usage

Diet Enhance is a darkly colored powder that can be mixed into - or sprinkled onto - a wide variety of beverages and foods. Diet Enhance may in some cases impart its mild flavor and/or color, depending on the amount used and the nature of the food or beverage in question. Recommended Daily Usage - 3 grams (1.5 teaspoons). Use all at once, or apply to several meals throughout the day. For large dishes and smoothies add the full 1.5 tsp serving or more. For smaller and individual servings such as tofu salad, omelets, juice, hummus, etc. use only 1/2 tsp and work up from there.


Serving Suggestions

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